Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to join the site?

Basic membership is free when you sign up/join.

Are there different tiers to membership?

Yes. Gold & Platinum are the two paid memberships. To access these memberships, click the subscribe tab on the homepage.

What are the costs for the different memberships?

Click the subscribe tab on the home screen and this will display the Gold & Platinum memberships. Members can choose to pay monthly (recurring charge). There within that tab will also be opportunities to save on subscriptions of more than monthly (non-recurring charge).

How do I cancel my membership?

Click the tab under the Profile name and there will be a choice to suspend or delete the account. You can also contact the admin if there are any problems with cancelling a membership.

How do I get a refund for membership cancellation?

Read the Terms & Conditions of the site. Notify the admin 30 days before the next recurring charge. No refunds are given for partial months.

How do I search for member matches?

Located on the homepage there is a box with a Quick Search & Advanced Search. Fill out the form for quick search. Click advanced search for more detailed match results.

How often will members get new Blog posts on the website?

- New Blog posts should appear every week.

How do I become active in forums?

Platinum members will have the ability to form and participate in forums.

Can members post Events?

Yes. Platinum members can add Events.

Can members sign up with social media accounts?

Yes. Members with a Facebook account can use the same login to sign up.

Can you search photos or profiles without being a member?

No. You must be registered member with a verified email to search for active members.

How do I report solicitation?

Email or call admin to report any solicitation asap! Members soliciting any member will have their profile suspended and possibly deleted. No solicitation is allowed on the site. See the Terms & Conditions of the site.

Are emails visible to other members?

No. Emails are only used by the admin for contact purposes. No emails are allowed on member profile pages for safety and to prevent solicitation. Emails are hidden!

Are emails used for verification?

Yes. Every member must have a verified email before becoming an active member on the site. Each member must also verify their email before becoming active or their profile will remain as unverified. These profiles are not seen until verification is complete.

Can you invite friends to the site?

Yes. Friends can be invited to the site via Facebook, Google or Email.

How do I contact customer support?

Try FAQs to determine if customer support is required. If you can’t find the solution to your problem, then feel free to email or call admin. Please give at least 48 hours for admin to return a reply via phone or email. Click the contact us for email support. Call (858) 510-1203 for phone support. Please leave a detailed message when calling so we can do our best to take care of any concerns.

Is the site monitored?

Yes. The site is monitored at intervals during the day to help keep our members safe and help prevent solicitation. At times questions and concerns are answered on the Newsfeed. Again, members not adhering to the policies of the site will be suspended or deleted.

Can member profiles that are suspended become active?

If a member would like to have their profile active, they must contact the admin via phone or email. Profiles must be changed to adhere to our policy without solicitation included.

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